Banana Bread Recipe

Hello! I’ve been pretty busy lately – both at work and with my art. I am now working part-time though, so I’m looking forward to churning out lots more arty goodness! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I had a banana bread recipe published on one of my all-time favourite sites: They Draw and Cook. If you haven’t been there yet, it is the most incredible Website filled with mouth-watering recipes and stunning artwork; two awesome combinations (in my humble opinion).

Click the recipe to see it on the site.


I drew a mermaid and went crazy with colour.


I drew a portrait for a friend who is turning fifty this week and looks about thirty-five! I hope she likes it.


Sssh… it’s Snow White

These are my latest digital pieces. The first is called “Sssh” – they don’t realise the monster in the water is a vegetarian and they were never in any real danger. (Unless, perhaps, they tried to stop her from gathering the delicious berries!)

Sssh Snow_White

The second is my version of Snow White – imagined using the hauntingly beautiful look of the big-eyed Blythe Doll.

Also, have an awesome Christmas. 🙂