My latest vector art was inspired by my love for the Top End of Australia.


I have never really stopped thinking of the Top End as my home. Not only do I love the steamy, wet weather of the tropics, but the incredible diversity of wildlife that comes with it – the frogs, butterflies, giant stick insects and many varieties of water bird. Another wonderful thing was each evening thousands of fruit bats would fill the sky, don’t ask me where they were going, but it was a daily event that I really miss.

Not only is there incredible beauty, but there are so many incredible sounds. I knew I would miss them when we left, but I didn’t realise just how much. Like the chirring of cicadas (which becomes┬álouder as the┬áhumidity builds up), the sound of the evening downpour on the roof (allaying the humidity), the ensuing celebratory croaking of the frogs and the calling of the water birds returning to flight after the rain.

Here are a couple of my all-time favourite photos:

My son enjoying one of the local frogs.

frog 049

This was from the pond in our front garden. I had pink and purple lotus flowers growing and they gave me endless joy.

garden 014



These little guys hang around the pond a lot.


The variety of butterflies in the garden was just amazing.

nature 008



We woke up in the middle of the night to drive to Alice Springs and found this beauty on the pool fence. Over 20 centimetres long!


A local boy fearlessly fending off a deadly brown snake during the 2006 flood.


Yep, I’m homesick as hell.

flowers 002