Tentaclies and Tui

Another long hiatus. This drawing, that I like to call “Tentaclies”, stared at me for many months after its inception while I tried to find the motivation to finish it.

If I’m truly honest, life has been somewhat tumultuous the past couple of years, which has seen a massive decline in my ability to create and produce art and it has been quite detrimental to my spirit. I’m slowly finding my way back to the person I want to be and my creativity is slowly but surely returning. Hopefully, someone is still watching 🙂


This is just a quickie drawing I did for my sweetheart, Tui ❤


Happy New Year!


I don’t normally do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but there are some pressing things that I know I need to work on, and I figure that the coming new year is as good a time as any to start. So, here’s my list (which is subject to change at my whim):

1. Stop Googling my symptoms at 2 am

2. Do more yoga

3. Leave my house occasionally and mix with the other humans

4. Turn 40 in November with some sense of grace and dignity (not likely)

5. Get back into my size ten clothes

6. Drink fewer White Russians (which will help with #5)

7. Produce more art

8. Read more books

9. Grow my own vegetables

10. Try harder

Happy New Year, everyone, and if you want to share your resolutions with me I’d love to hear them!