Zombies and Koalas

Hello all,

I’ve been very busy with my art of late and thought I’d better post some of it! But first – don’t forget to check out my latest comics! If you like zombies click here and if you like kitties click here. Oops, I may have mixed up those links.

The below picture is an updated version of this and I am pretty happy with the result.¬†It’s really interesting to go back over old work from when I first started using Illustrator. A lot of the time I’m thinking “Argh, what a mess!”


I can’t go on a drawing frenzy without including some zombies ūüôā




Happy Halloween!


I know most Australians don’t celebrate Halloween, but I think this is mostly due to a misunderstanding of exactly what Halloween is. It’s not solely¬†an American tradition, it has nothing to do with the devil and it’s actually a really great excuse to dress up¬†like¬†zombies, watch scary movies and give people free lollies! What’s not to love?

001 (2)(My bookshelf)

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how? If not, why not?

Look! Halloween can even be cute!


Happy Halloween!

Vector Girls

I am about to move interstate…again! I’m escaping this alien, refrigerated place and moving back to tropical heaven. I’m sure there’ll be something interesting to blog about at the end of all this, so I’ll see you all in June sometime.

In the meantime, here’s my latest art. I’m trying to experiment more with pure¬†vector, which is my favourite kind of digital art.