12 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I meant to leave a comment on this a while ago, but I really like this. The tea party image in particular. I really like all the detail (like the flamingos peeking out in the background). Very, very cool. 🙂

  2. Hi! We are planning a book fair for our non-profit school… Is there a way we might use some images for posters in our classrooms? We could put your name on the bottom of the posters? Your art is amazing! Many thanks!

    • I would be very happy for you to use my art for such a great cause 🙂 If you want to send me some photos of the posters up in the classroom I’d be delighted too!

      • Absolutely! We’re just finalizing the date of our book fair. 🙂 Will definitely show photos of your work we use to decorate our class!

  3. Hello Flufflepot,

    I’m realizing an annoucement for my future niece, Alice, who must born in few days 🙂
    Is there a way I might use the vector version of your drawing (the first image) ?

    It’s of course an non-profit project that will print for just family and friends.
    I could sent you a copy of the annoucement if you want.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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