Christmassy Stuff and Homemade Rocky Road

Rocky Road 028

As you might have guessed by now, I like to represent special holidays with my art.

This year I decided to draw a picture that expresses how this time of year always makes me feel (ie: a cross between an excited seven-year old and Father Christmas)…


Last year I made my very own homemade Christmas bon-bons. As much as I’d love to do that again I just don’t have the time, but I made sure I found enough time to make some homemade Rocky Road. Click here for the exact measurements, but really, it’s so incredibly simple…

…you just brown some slivered almonds and dry-fry some shredded coconut

Rocky Road 009

…add to a large bowl of mini Oreos (I couldn’t find them so I just broke up some big ones), raspberry lollies and pink and white marshmallows.

Rocky Road 013

Melt some (really good) dark chocolate…

Rocky Road 015

…then pour over the mixture.

Rocky Road 019

Mix together, then spread out evenly in a pan and pop into the fridge for twenty minutes.

Rocky Road 022

Slice up the pieces and decorate as you wish. Last year I put some chocolated-covered almonds in with them, this year I decided to go with wafers instead.

Rocky Road 024

They make an eye-catching and inexpensive, delicious gift for your friends or co-workers etc. Enjoy!

Zen Snowman and Happy Holidays!

I thought I’d do a Christmassy picture of a snowman. As usual, it took on a life of its own and became a melting snowman.

Mr. Snowman’s basking in the sun and enjoying every last beautiful moment. He doesn’t resent the sun, the sun’s just doing his job and Mr. Snowman always knew he was temporary.


I still have the emotional age of about nine, so it stands to reason that I really love Christmas. Last Christmas I woke up at 5:30 am and the house was silent. So I did what any good mother would do and woke up my kids…HELLOOOO? PRESENTS!!!

I don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense. What I do celebrate is being with family and close friends, eating too much deliciously bad (for you) food, and the giving and receiving of presents. Man, I love presents. For me, Christmas Day is not complete unless somebody buys me a comic book. When I was growing up my parents would always buy me The Beano annuals or other comics and I’d spend the whole day lounging about, reading them and eating lollies.

I’ve taken to making my own bonbons the last two Christmases. This year I searched all over, but couldn’t find anywhere that sold the cardboard rolls that are the foundation for the bonbons. So I had to improvise. My very green sister would be so proud of me, as I used the leftover cardboard rolls from the Christmas paper. I crammed them with all sorts of lovely goodies and can’t wait for the kids to open them at Christmas lunch. They are going to crap themselves with excitement!

My darling son and niece put their heads together and built this Santa decoration out of Lego (Lego is an obsession in our household).

Whatever you’re celebrating (or even if you’re not) I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.