Banana Bread Recipe

Hello! I’ve been pretty busy lately – both at work and with my art. I am now working part-time though, so I’m looking forward to churning out lots more arty goodness! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I had a banana bread recipe published on one of my all-time favourite sites: They Draw and Cook. If you haven’t been there yet, it is the most incredible Website filled with mouth-watering recipes and stunning artwork; two awesome combinations (in my humble opinion).

Click the recipe to see it on the site.


I drew a mermaid and went crazy with colour.


I drew a portrait for a friend who is turning fifty this week and looks about thirty-five! I hope she likes it.


Home Alone

I love my family, but when they all leave the house at once it is awesome! It also doesn’t happen very often, so when the opportunity arises, I jump at it.


Then, when I find myself alone, it’s always a bit of a shock…

Home alone

…until reality sinks in.

Home alone2

Then it’s just a matter of deciding what to do…

Pull out my recipe books and cook some exotic, gourmet meal?


Wade through the masses of paperwork that needs filing?




That’s it! Yoga always makes me feel amazing afterward. I am totally going to do yoga!

Right after I finish this game.


Sssh… it’s Snow White

These are my latest digital pieces. The first is called “Sssh” – they don’t realise the monster in the water is a vegetarian and they were never in any real danger. (Unless, perhaps, they tried to stop her from gathering the delicious berries!)

Sssh Snow_White

The second is my version of Snow White – imagined using the hauntingly beautiful look of the big-eyed Blythe Doll.

Also, have an awesome Christmas. 🙂

Last Week at the Pharmacy

It had been a particularly long day at work; I was brain-fried, exhausted and sweaty, but I had to stop at the pharmacy to grab a few essential items. It was there that I was met with possibly the most ill-timed greeting in the history of the world.


Brittany, or whatever your name was, I love you.

For more awkward social situations check out Socially-Inappropriate Security Guard Guy.

Minecraft and Stuff

Update 18/5/2012: I have had several requests from people wanting to use my Minecraft invitation, so I’ve put a link up so anyone can download and use it. It’s free to download, but if you feel generous (and can afford it) you can make a donation. 🙂

Click here to download: Minecraft_Invitation Minecraft_party_invitation

My son Daniel is turning eight on Saturday and has requested a Minecraft-themed party, hence the above picture of the invitations I whipped up on Illustrator the other day. I had to do a lot of research in order to find out what the hell a Minecraft-themed party might look like and this has led to me knowing stuff about Minecraft – something I’ve been actively trying to avoid on a daily basis for many months.


I have been utterly bombarded with talk about Minecraft – how awesome it is – and received endless updates on every single thing that happens on Minecraft (or has happened or might possibly happen) for months on end (aka since Daniel started playing it).

Two minutes later…


Scenes like those led to me saying things like this…

Bazinga(I got my Bazinga shirt here.)

To say he’s obsessed with Minecraft would be an understatement and, apparently, he’s not the only one. I really didn’t get the appeal of the game at first, but as I have been forced to learn all about it I am starting to see why he loves it so much. It actually allows him to be extremely creative; it’s a little like playing with blocks, but on an epic scale and with some pretty cool twists…

While researching for my son’s Minecraft-themed birthday party I found this video of a guy who had built an incredibly impressive house, but when he tries to install a fireplace, things don’t quite go to plan. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

As games go, it’s definitely one of the better ones and I really like that it allows for so much creative freedom. Okay, so the blocks aren’t tangible, but the learning and the imagination required is the same. Also, I don’t go crippling myself stepping on blocks or spend half my life picking them up at the end of every day and that’s always a bonus.

I’ll post a photo of the cake next week!

The Minecraft cake turned out alright, I just dyed some dessicated coconut green for the grass.
Daniel's_eighth 057

How To Make Everyday Afflictions Seem More Dramatic

When you’re a hypochondriac it can be rather difficult to get your family and friends to take your health concerns seriously. I mean, they’ve heard it all before, right? I figure there are many of you in the same boat as me, so after giving it some thought I believe I have finally come up with a new way to garner sympathy and coddling from your loved ones. It simply involves dressing up your words a little bit.

For example, you can make a hangover appear more legitimate (thus evoking more sympathy from others) by referring to it as “veisalgia”.


Painful cramps? Not anymore, now you have dysmenorrhoea!


Pins and needles?

pins and needles

Feeling itchy is for commoners!


Hayfever Shmayfever!


If you ever want to simply perplex your loved ones, try this…


…and lastly, may I present the ultimate excuse for not going into work…


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go because I have some major obdormition happening in my arse cheeks!