Use your imagination. No, wait…don’t!

The other night while watching The Big Bang Theory...


…my son asked about Mrs. Wolowitz.





He went quiet for a moment while I reminisced about other unseen characters such as ‘er indoors and Dr. Claw

Then suddenly…


Oh well, at least I know he has an imagination.

6 thoughts on “Use your imagination. No, wait…don’t!

  1. Dr. Claw was the greatest frustration of my childhood. Every episode I watched that show, I thought THIS would be time I would see his face…
    Disappointed. Every. Time.

  2. Oh no!! haha
    I used to get frustrated with those shows that never took you outside of the one room they filmed in. I can’t think of any but I know I used to think “just take us outside with them!!!” They must have had low filming budgets….or something!
    Flufflepot features as my “Blog of the Week” on my blog this week. Congratulations! ;D

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