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Update 18/5/2012: I have had several requests from people wanting to use my Minecraft invitation, so I’ve put a link up so anyone can download and use it. It’s free to download, but if you feel generous (and can afford it) you can make a donation. 🙂

Click here to download: Minecraft_Invitation Minecraft_party_invitation

My son Daniel is turning eight on Saturday and has requested a Minecraft-themed party, hence the above picture of the invitations I whipped up on Illustrator the other day. I had to do a lot of research in order to find out what the hell a Minecraft-themed party might look like and this has led to me knowing stuff about Minecraft – something I’ve been actively trying to avoid on a daily basis for many months.


I have been utterly bombarded with talk about Minecraft – how awesome it is – and received endless updates on every single thing that happens on Minecraft (or has happened or might possibly happen) for months on end (aka since Daniel started playing it).

Two minutes later…


Scenes like those led to me saying things like this…

Bazinga(I got my Bazinga shirt here.)

To say he’s obsessed with Minecraft would be an understatement and, apparently, he’s not the only one. I really didn’t get the appeal of the game at first, but as I have been forced to learn all about it I am starting to see why he loves it so much. It actually allows him to be extremely creative; it’s a little like playing with blocks, but on an epic scale and with some pretty cool twists…

While researching for my son’s Minecraft-themed birthday party I found this video of a guy who had built an incredibly impressive house, but when he tries to install a fireplace, things don’t quite go to plan. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

As games go, it’s definitely one of the better ones and I really like that it allows for so much creative freedom. Okay, so the blocks aren’t tangible, but the learning and the imagination required is the same. Also, I don’t go crippling myself stepping on blocks or spend half my life picking them up at the end of every day and that’s always a bonus.

I’ll post a photo of the cake next week!

The Minecraft cake turned out alright, I just dyed some dessicated coconut green for the grass.
Daniel's_eighth 057

23 thoughts on “Minecraft and Stuff

  1. Oh don’t you love when they want to tell you about a whole movie or game and you have to feign interest, but after 10 minutes your acting skills wear thin…? Haha, “Mummy’s brain might die”, I’ll have to try that line.
    Can’t wait to see the cake!! I sent a parcel off yesterday so hopefully you’ll get it in a week or two..
    Happy Birthday big D! xx

  2. Please please please can I buy a pdf of your Minecraft invitation!?!?!? My son is turning 8 at the end of January he wants a Mincraft party so badly. Your above comic is exactly my life. All day. Every day. I was laughing so hard and I had to put it up on Pinterest!

  3. Oh I love that cartoon, I showed my son and said see it’s not just me whose head will explode if they hear one more word about minecraft lol, now to plan a minecraft birthday party!!

    • Ha ha! We might need to start a “Mothers of Minecraft Addicts Club”! Let me know how the party went 🙂

    • I have now updated this page with a downloadable invitation. I only just saw this comment, I hope it’s not too late! 🙂

  4. OMG! I found your blog after searching for Minecraft Party ideas. I love this post!! It was hilarious…someone else shares my pain. I swear this was a scene from my life with my son! I didn’t get it either and it would make me dizzy just trying to watch him for 30 seconds. Seeing how he REALLY enjoys this game, I have embraced HIS passion for it. He’s going to be 13 in two weeks and I would rather him be a Minecraft obsessed geek than a girl crazed teenager 😉 BTW – love the Bazinga shirt…sometimes I call my son Sheldon because he spits out the most off the wall, random comments!

  5. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for posting this downloadable invitation. I have been googling for a few days and just now found this. Thank You!!!!

  6. Wish I had found the invite about 2 weeks ago…Your comic is funny,you should make t-shirts. I’d have to have one, that’s definitely my life

  7. I am so happy to have found your site and was able to see that other people share my pain! I love my son but when he starts talking about Minecraft I feel my mind wandering and trying to tune him out. And now he wants to do Minecraft for his birthday!? Thank you for sharing your ideas for those of us that are Minecraft illiterate.

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