Just because you’re getting older…

doesn’t mean you shouldn’t:

Attempt the latest dance craze


Enjoy Halloween


Have the occasional head-banging session


Hide around corners


Read comics


Get excited about things just because you see them every day


Have a tickle-fight


Yep, I’m turning forty in three weeks.

15 thoughts on “Just because you’re getting older…

  1. 40 is awesome, a good excuse to drag out celebrations for a week or more, I even managed to con the hubby into watching the kids on his own for 4 whole days while I lived it up in Sydney.

    41 however wasn’t as exciting and I allowed myself to think those horrible thoughts, “I am middle-aged”.

    I think that you’ll probably still be dancing the latest dance even in your eighties, just don’t put out your hip! 😉

    Have a wonderful 40th!

  2. Oh I have missed your drawings! And have a fantabulous 40!! Don’t worry..Oprah says that the 60’s are the new 20’s (I’ve just noticed that the 20’s keep starting at the decade she is currently in)..so you’re waaaaay young! LOL!

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