8 thoughts on “Cruising

  1. From Miss 6 “That’s Auntie Kim’s drawing”
    Me “How do you know?”
    Miss 6 “I know what her drawings look like”

    Yep, you’ve definitely got a style about you! What a happy boat, and so clever to think to bring your own fruit tree.

  2. Aw, I love that! ❤ Mimi! I honestly don’t know where the fruit tree came from – I like to let my mind go as I’m falling asleep and if something interesting pops up I quickly jot my ideas down.

  3. I really like this one! Maybe it’s my imagination, but it looks even more detailed than usual. My favorite part is the starfish who looks like he’s enjoying the whole adventure. Awesome job!

    • Thanks so much :). I actually came up with this one while I was trying to nap, the image kept getting bigger and bigger until I finally gave up on my nap and started drawing it.

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