My Epic Journey

Last week my family and I moved back to the Northern Territory (NT) – after first moving to South Australia for eight months and then to Canberra for just over two years. When we first left the NT we were so happy and excited to be leaving and now we are just as happy and excited to be back again!

It cost us a small fortune to do all this interstate moving, but I think sometimes you just have to do these things to figure out where you really want to be and what’s most important to you.

It was a hell of a long drive (over 4,000 kilometres) so my latest comic is all about our trip. (My daughter is absent from the comic because we flew her over due to the fact that she suffers from motion sickness.)

There was a lot of this…


…and this.


Which was followed by this. (Aka me sitting in the car with my legs crossed whilst simultaneously cursing Mother Nature and societal norms regarding public urination and females.)


If I ever have to do another long trip I swear I am buying one of these! It would be worth it just to see the look on their faces!


On particularly long stints I would take the wheel for a short time to allow my husband to nap. I can’t drive for long because I get quite anxious at high speeds. I am also rather short-sighted, even with my glasses on, and often have trouble making out objects on the roadside.

imminent death

Our driving styles are quite different.

My husband takes the relaxed I know exactly what I’m doing approach (while I sit in the front seat watching the speedometer like a hawk – seriously, I’m like a human cruise control, except more annoying).


Whereas when I drive I prefer to take the panic-stricken I am one wayward kangaroo away from freaking out and rolling this thing approach.


Overall it was a pretty good trip. We caught up with friends and family along the way which helped to break up the tedium of sitting in a car for hours on end. Of course, the best thing of all was finally reaching our destination. Specifically, the welcoming committee that awaited us in the toilet of our new house.


I am home.

19 thoughts on “My Epic Journey

  1. Hahaha gorgeous stuff Kim, I have missed your comics.
    P.S. I think that was very gracious of you to put zzzz’s comin’ outta hubs mouth instead of “gwoerhwkpffffft”….okay now I see why you didn’t put snoring noises….how on earth do you write a snore?????
    Loves ya xx

    • Me too. I just heard a gecko for the first time in almost three years and it made me ridiculously happy. πŸ™‚

    • It was actually a pretty good trip considering the distance; I got to read a really good thriller, too (when I wasn’t busy checking the speedometer).

    • Thankfully there weren’t many roos, but I did notice some dodgy-looking Spinifex that looked like it might try to jump out in front of me at any moment!

  2. Welcome back!

    I’ve missed your comics. SO funny.

    On our last long drive back from the Gold Coast to our home in Sydney, we just couldn’t get the 3 boys to coordinate their wee stops. We stopped so many bloody times it was getting ridiculous!


  3. I have done many a plane trip with young kids in tow, but was never game to drive anywhere long-haul. I too suffer from motion sickness and I would have felt sick at even the thought of trying to read a book in the car!

    Also, I think that you could start a trend with of course, my husband doesn’t snore! . Sarcasm tags. I love it. Did I just display my geeky side there?

    And another thing, your captcha is just too challenging for 11 pm on a Friday night. I’ve had to request a new one three times!

  4. Well that just made no sense. My sarcam tags disappeared in my comment. Try again. <sarcasm>of course, my husband doesn’t snore!</sarcasm>

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