Why Winter Sucks

Winter is approaching again and I am absolutely dreading it. Soon I’ll be rugged up on the couch, covered in blankets, while my whole family will be getting about in T-shirts and annoyingly insisting that, “It’s not that cold”.

For the entirety of the winter months my hands become like ice blocks and my skin turns to permanent goose flesh. In fact, I’m pretty much like that during the autumn months as well. Give me a hot, humid, summer’s day any day.

Here are some more reason why I think winter sucks:

My shoes don’t fit.


The torturous decision each morning to end a steaming hot shower.


The atrociously unsexy nightly attire.


Getting into bed.


Getting out of bed.


Excruciating foot cramps brought on by the cold.


I did manage come up with one good thing about winter…I always win at “icicle hands”!


9 thoughts on “Why Winter Sucks

  1. It’s winter where you are now? Ooh..and I’d love to trade you a winter week for a week of my hot,humid and suffocating weather here in Malaysia!!

  2. Yikes! The picture of the cramping feet makes my toes hurt.
    I’m just curious, how long does it take you to do each of the pictures? You use lots of them in each post and they always look great. It takes me forever just to draw one small picture for my blog…

    • It depends on how complicated the picture is. The first picture in this one took about 20 minutes, but the cramping feet picture took less than five. Because it’s digital I get to copy and paste (my face, for example) a lot too, which speeds things up enormously.

  3. for night cramps, try magnesium supplements – helps with mine.
    Also bedsocks (though they do not bring teh sexy, for most people 🙂

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