The SpongeBob Costume

It all started when my son, Daniel, brought home the latest school newsletter. They were having a costume day and the children were to come dressed as their favourite movie or television star. Having never made a fancy dress costume in my life I was immediately consumed with all-too familiar feelings of guilt and inadequacy.


Then I had an idea. Surely there must be a way I could make a SpongeBob costume without sewing!


So I jumped online and searched…


It was going to be brilliant!


I was so excited about the costume and my son and I were going to have a blast making it!


Yep, I was pretty much the most awesome mother in the world. (Even if I can’t sew.)


I couldn’t wait for school to finish.


At first Daniel was thrilled. He loves doing arts and crafts and was really keen to get started on a project.


I explained the project to him…


but was totally unprepared for his reaction.


I tried to sell it.


But I knew he wasn’t buying it when he said:


I didn’t let go easily.


It was brutal.



Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.


7 thoughts on “The SpongeBob Costume

  1. Awww….but I don’t understand, so he didn’t want a costume? It was just to put on something that had their favourite character ?

    I hope you weren’t too upset! 😐

    • It was supposed to be fancy dress, but Daniel only had in mind wearing his SpongeBob T-shirt, I was the one who got all carried away!

  2. I hate sewing. I really HATE sewing. I can’t tell you how much I REALLY HATE sewing.

    I love glue. Especially that iron on stick two pieces of material together type of glue. Very handy.

    In February, all four children required a costume over a two-day period. Thank goodness my two eldest daughters are both artistically talented. I, sadly, am not.

    I bet your Sponge Bob costume would have been fantastic too!

    • It’s funny, I’m arty, but not very crafty at all. I also hate sewing with a passion! My sister is brilliant at it and makes all her own clothes and bags etc.

  3. Awww you are still super mum even if you didn’t get to actually make it. I probably still would’ve made it and then forced my child to wear it, coz I’m mean like that.

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