16 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. That is so funny because the title was almost going to be “Why I’m going to be a crazy cat lady”! I am not kidding!

  2. I loved that. Your cat seems to have reenacted what my Miss 4 did at 4.30 am. Cat not allowed in bed, but constantly jams herself in my desk chair, while I’m in it, wherever there’s the tiniest gap to wedge herself in. Love your work!

  3. I fully approve this comic. 🙂 As long as the cat wants to be with you, life is good. The only problem is if you want a buddy and they’re more interested in licking themselves or staring out the window.

  4. Somedays I would just welcome the cat as opposed to all the chaos! What a day you’ve had. I love the chest burster image, made me laugh! Sometimes Mum just needs a little appreciation.

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