Zen Snowman and Happy Holidays!

I thought I’d do a Christmassy picture of a snowman. As usual, it took on a life of its own and became a melting snowman.

Mr. Snowman’s basking in the sun and enjoying every last beautiful moment. He doesn’t resent the sun, the sun’s just doing his job and Mr. Snowman always knew he was temporary.


I still have the emotional age of about nine, so it stands to reason that I really love Christmas. Last Christmas I woke up at 5:30 am and the house was silent. So I did what any good mother would do and woke up my kids…HELLOOOO? PRESENTS!!!

I don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense. What I do celebrate is being with family and close friends, eating too much deliciously bad (for you) food, and the giving and receiving of presents. Man, I love presents. For me, Christmas Day is not complete unless somebody buys me a comic book. When I was growing up my parents would always buy me The Beano annuals or other comics and I’d spend the whole day lounging about, reading them and eating lollies.

I’ve taken to making my own bonbons the last two Christmases. This year I searched all over, but couldn’t find anywhere that sold the cardboard rolls that are the foundation for the bonbons. So I had to improvise. My very green sister would be so proud of me, as I used the leftover cardboard rolls from the Christmas paper. I crammed them with all sorts of lovely goodies and can’t wait for the kids to open them at Christmas lunch. They are going to crap themselves with excitement!

My darling son and niece put their heads together and built this Santa decoration out of Lego (Lego is an obsession in our household).

Whatever you’re celebrating (or even if you’re not) I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

7 thoughts on “Zen Snowman and Happy Holidays!

  1. Awesome stuff Kimberley! I saved one of my old Beanos and Ol reads it almost nightly! I am so proud of your efforts, I’m going to link to your post, seeing I just wrote about home made bon bons! Love you xx

  2. Hm. ‘Bon bons’ are known here as ‘(Christmas) crackers’.
    We are all temporary, whether we believe it or not.

    And that’s a very cool Santa 🙂

  3. Oh, I LOVE the Santa! Our boys were given a Lego snowman the other day – complete with broom – and it’s so cute. Will show my boys this Santa and I’m sure they’ll spend a while copying it, hence, stay out of my hair for a little.

    Brilliant! *evil laugh* 😉

    And of course, your Snowman is gorgeous and HEY – the blog has updated and me likey a LOT!!!!

  4. I am a miserable sod when it comes to xmas, maybe I need to doodle up some zen snow dudes to get in the spirit. Love the expression on this fella.

    One of my long term blog chums is doing some stuff for The Dandy, you might like that too http://www.dandy.com/

    I hadn’t heard of crackers being called bonbons before, bonbons are sweets to me, learn something new everyday 🙂

    The Flufflepot site design is looking bloody cool by the way, love it so much, especially the wee characters at the bottom and the floaty elements in the header.

  5. Thanks, Christie! Love you and see you soon!

    Sock, I am hoping, one day, to be as Zen as Mr. Snowman 🙂

    Jodie, was it from the Lego Club? We got one too, which is what inspired us to make the Santa.

    I hope you find some Christmas spirit, Claire, and please post up any Christmassy doodles that you do. I love your artwork!

  6. Look at you getting all hand-made! Christie will be proud. I love the Snowman, you know I love your work, but it is the Lego Santa that wins for me in this post. My kids would jump for joy seeing that on our tree. Might have to steal the idea and get them working on it tomorrow while I try to pack for Fiji! Will see you in 2011 Flufflepot. Happy days x

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