Tubby and the Poo-Bah

One of the places I went to most as a child was my own imagination and my imagination was directly inspired by the books that I read. One of my all-time favourite stories was Tubby and the Poo-Bah – a story about a little boy and his elephant who get into trouble with the great Poo-Bah. I just adored this story so much that I read it over and over again. I remember that within the pages of this book I came across the word “splendiferous” for the first time (a word that fascinated me to no end). The narrative portrayed the great Poo-Bah as such a formidable character that I can clearly remember perceiving him as a giant through child’s eyes (even though he was normal-sized throughout the book).

Last year I spent months and months searching for a reasonably priced copy of Tubby and the Poo-Bah (by Al Perkins) that was in good condition. I eventually found one that was under the $100 mark, it was still very expensive but I didn’t care…I had to have it in my collection! I don’t know if my children will ever feel what I felt when I read this story, but I’m so happy that I can now share it with them. If you can snag yourself a copy of this book somehow, I highly recommend doing so.

My favourite scene from the book is of Tubby and Ah mee fishing for foodle fish in their brand new boat. The illustrations of Rowland B. Wilson have always inspired me and so my latest artwork is devoted to him and my love of this wonderful story.

“The Joy of Foodle Fishing”

the joy of foodle fishing

11 thoughts on “Tubby and the Poo-Bah

  1. I too read this book when I was a child and I often enjoyed reading about Tubby and Ah Mee’s adventures in the Great Poo-Bah’s boat! It was awesome! Over time I had forgotten about it until one day I was outside mowing and I saw one of my neigbor’s yard statues, I guess that’s waht triggered a long forgotten memory. Rock on for your Excellent tribute to the Tubbster!

  2. Thanks, Shawn. I love it when something triggers a memory like that, it happens more and more to me these days, usually to do with books from my childhood.

  3. My son was about a year and a half when I started reading him this story. This was in 1983. It was his favorite book and I almost read it to him every night for I don’t know how long…. but he had it memorized by every page that I turned when I was reading it to him. I had tape him on a tape recorder reading it but that and the book were lost in the mess of my divorce. Anyway my son and his wife were going to have their first child and I had looked everywhere at bookstores for this book. I even asked Barnes and Noble to see if they could find it but it was futile. I did not know it I had remembered the title of it correctly or not. I did not realize until today that it no longer published. I just recently gotten internet and a computer. I hope I can find one and surprise my son and my grandson who in now 2 yrs 4 mths. I would love to read it to my grandson also!!!! The memory with my son was soo priceless!!! I would love to have it with my grandson also!!!

  4. I would love to get a copy of this book as it is the only book that my brother ever read over and over let me know where i can get it for his new baby boy.

  5. Last night, I dug out our childrens’ copy of both Tubby and the Poobah and Tubby and the Lantern to read them to our grandson in the near future. Both books show the wear of five children. They were real favorites of our kids. Once when I was reading the books to the children of a younger friend, I looked up to see my teenagers sitting on the steps listening as they had as kids. These are wonderful stories and among the absolute favorites of our children’s youth.

    • They truly are such beautiful stories and the illustrations are so simple, yet enchanting. I treasure those books so much! 🙂

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